School-Centre of Development Personality

Our school On September 1, 1992 the first experimental School-Centre of Development Personality for 7-16 years old children was opened in Nizhny Novgorod. Expect secondary education the children go trough the special programmes of theatre, arts, rhythmic, ball dances, Russian folk trades, computer studying, foreign languages, especially for 7-10 years old children in infant school. For the children of this age an interesting course on folk Russian traditions has been developed. In the junior school the children are taught according to the special programmes in physics, chemistry, maths, which gives some additional knowledge on this subjects. All the children go through the intensive course of English, French, German. After classes, since 2 p.m., scientific clubs and laboratories on anatomy, botany, geology, radio, computers and so on work at school. In the evening, after 5 p.m., the children spend their time in the clubs and sports sections according to their interests: sewing,ball dances, art, choir, knitting, fencing, carate, judo, mountaineering, etc.

Summer time

Every year our school organises joint summer camps for the children of our and foreign countries. There the children spend time discussing scientific problems on ecology, botany, geology, etc. Since 1992 we organised 2 international Russian-American ecological mountaineering camp in Tijan-Shan mountains and in N.Novgorod region, Russian-French training camp in caves in Nizhny Novgorod region, the same time the children of our school are taking part in International camps and projects all around the world.

If you are interesting in scouting you are welcome to visit our scout's summer Camp "VETLUGA - 97"

You are very welcome to visit us in Russia, in Nizhny Novgorod. We will be very glad to see you in our school, in our camps. If you are interested, contact us immediately!

Programme of staying in N.Novgorod and region for our guests (8 days)

  • Our representatives meet your group at the railway station in Nizhny Novgorod or at the airport in Moscow (Sheremetievo - 2), in accordance with your own desire.
  • You will be provided with the tickets for train for Nizhny Novgorod or the bus from Moscow airport to N.Novgorod.
  • In N.Novgorod your group will be accommodated in Russian families or in a boarding house out of N.Novgorod (at 30 km distance from the city). All conveniences are at your disposal.
  • The first and second days of your staying will take place in N.Novgorod.
  • The third, fourth and fifth days of our programme will spend in Ichalki. It is a picturesque place in N.Novgorod region at 156 km distance from N.Novgorod.
  • Ichalki is nature reserve, where the nature is primordially preserved. Here you will have a splendid opportunity to examinate wonderful cave's depth, about 18 m. You will be in camp, at the Pyana river, not far from the nature reserve.
  • Food will cook in open fire. Well-equipped lavatories are not available. All necessary equipment and group of experience and competent instructors skilful in tourism, mountaineering and caving will be in your disposal.
  • The last three days you will sail in yachts down stream the Volga river to Makariev monastery. It was layed in fourteenth century by anchorite Macary.
  • Every year near monastery's walls used to be a trade fair, which was transferred from this place to N.Novgorod in 1816 and it is working now. The route of merchants from N.Novgorod to Makariev monastery will be repeated by your group.
  • Sporting yachts with the captain and his mates intended for 4-5 persons will be supply. The crew will consist of 2 or 3 Russians and 2 or 3 foreign guests.

  • Day 1 ·Meeting at the railway station ·Family accommodation (or removal to a boarding house) ·Breakfast in families, rest, launch ·Sightseeing in N.Novgorod, excursions ·Dinner ·The party at the school ("Nice to meet you")

    Day 2 ·Breakfast in families ·Excursion on board of helicopter ·Lunch ·Excursion to the museum of showing scenes of past time life under the open sky in N.Novgorod ·Dinner ·Evening party

    Day 3 ·Breakfast in families ·Departure to Ichalki ·Launch ·Examination of caves ·Dinner ·Campfire

    Day 4 ·Breakfast ·Examination of caves ·Launch ·Rest, swimming, outdoor activities ·Dinner ·Campfire

    Day 5 ·Breakfast ·Leaving for N.Novgorod ·Launch ·Spare time ·Dinner ·Evening party at the school

    Day 6 ·Breakfast in families ·Meeting, removal to the yachts ·Shipment of food and equipment ·Sailing ·1st halt for night ·Dinner ·Campfire

    Day 7 ·Breakfast ·Shipment ·Sailing ·Launch ·2nd halt for night (near Makariev monastery) ·Dinner ·Campfire

    Day 8 ·Breakfast ·Shipment ·Sailing to Makariev monastery ·Excursion to the monastery ·Launch ·Coming home (by bus, about 100 km) ·Dinner ·A farewell party ·Departure to Moscow

    Contact us:
    Russia, 603132, Nizhny Novgorod, Golubeva 4a
    Director Igor M. Bogdanov
    Tel./Fax: +7 (8312) 52-97-52