Some paintings from
Nizhni Novgorod Art Museum

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"The last minutes of
the false Demetrius"
by Karl Wenig

"Priest and Deakon"
by Boris Kustodiev

"Russian Venus"
by Boris Kustodiev

"A Humble Caller"
by Illarion Pryanishnikov

"Woman under a Parasol"
by Ivan Kramskoy

"Baptism of Prince Vladimir"
by Victor Vasnetsov

"Peasant Cohtages"
by Isaak Levitan

by Vassily Surikov

"Moses saved from the water"
by Andrea Celesti

"In a Mask Shop"
by Abram Arkhipov

by Lucas Cranach
the Elder

"The street of fortune"
by Nikolai Roerich