Verkhne-Volzhskaia Naberezhnaia

(The Upper Embankment)

The Upper Embankment extends from the monument to Valerii Chkalov, the aviator famous for his nonstop flight from Moscow to Vancouver via the North Pole in l937. The embankment has been a favorite strolling place for over a century. Nevertheless, it is seldom crowded.

The corner of Minin Square and the Upper Embankment formerly housed the offices of the "Volga Steamship Company". This neo-classical building now belongs to the

Institute of Medicine, and the "Le Monti" shop, which sells American goods, is situated in the yard.

The "Rossiia" Hotel (Upper Embankment, 2) has a restaurant with excellent Russian cuisine.

The Museum of the Radio Laboratory (Upper Embankment, 5) has exhibits showing the history of radio science, electronics and applied physics. The world's most powerful radio transmitters were developed in the laboratory in the early 20s. The laboratory's traditions continue in the city's leading research centers.

The late nineteenth century mansion that once belonged to the rich merchant S. Rukavishnikov (Upper Embankment, 7) now serves as the Museum of History and Regional studies, built in 1877.

Opposite the Oktiabrskaia Hotel you will see the Gardina Restaurant. Typical American dishes are served here. It's the closest thing to an American fast food restaurant you will find in Nizhni Novgorod. Next to the restaurant is the Nesterov memorial, which is devoted to the life and exploits of the aviator Peter Nesterov. As the pioneer of aerobatics, he was the first pilot to make a loop. He died in battle in 1914 after ramming an enemy airplane; it was the first such exploit in aviation history.

The Sirotkin Mansion (Upper Embankment, 3), built in 1916, belongs to the Art Museum. However, the main expositions of the Art Museum are displayed in the Kremlin.

The neo-classical Kamenskaia Mansion (Upper Embankment, 11) was built in 1913. A small cafe operates in the basement of the house now.